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Four-pole radiofrequency vacuum, cavitation head and vacuum, in one treatment!

Non invasive liposuction is achieved with four- pole  Radiofrequencies! 

This is the number one method that is chosen by thousands of people every day! It provides body slimming and skin tightening in a small number of therapies and in almost all body areas! Both men and women can do this therapy!

What does non invasive liposuction provide to me?

Non invasive liposuction, the most modern, bloodless, noninvasive treatment, provides local fat and cellulite reduction combining a quadrupole vacuum radiofrequency head, cavitation head and vacuum.

The method provides intense lipolysis, permanent results and functions preventively since even in the case of fatty tissue increase in the future, the fat will not be stored in the specific areas.

How does it work?

It works through the cavitation method and provides intense lipolysis. Because of heat treatment, bubbles are formed in the fat cell, the cell membrane is torn and its content is channeled into the lymphatic system and then eliminated from the body.

The radiofrequency head subsequently achieves immediate skin firming, as it penetrates to a greater depth, stimulates fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen, the main structural components of the dermis.

The treatment is completed with the application of the advanced technology of the turbo negative pressure which applies rhythmic massage to the points, producing lymphatic decongestion.

What are the results?

Non invasive liposuction provides:

Results are immediately visible

Quadrupole frequencies are the contemporary solution of cosmetic medicine in the fight against cellulite and local fat

Our staff will guide you and assist you in finding the perfect treatment for you. We want you to have the best possible results and we are here to help you! Be sure to check all our available offers!


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