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Liposuction is the operation for removing excessive fat from body areas where it has accumulated.

How is the procedure carried out?

Before surgery we take pictures of the areas and the whole body and if necessary, a pre-surgical exam is carried out, (general blood test, urine test, blood sugar, urea, creatinine, electrolytes, lipidemia and, depending on the case, hormonal check, electrocardiogram and chest X-ray. You always receive instructions about whether to interrupt medication, smoking, sun exposure, before and after the operation.

On the day of the operation local anesthesia is applied with or without conscious sedation and more rarely (in cases of removal of large volumes of fat) general anesthesia. The time duration is from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. The cuts are very small (half a centimeter) and a suitable elastic corset is applied after the operation.

After the operation the patient remains for some time in the surgery or in the clinic and returns home. Pain is minimal and can be controlled with painkillers orally. Stitches are removed in 8-10 days while the elastic bandage/corset remains for 4 weeks approx. Depending on the extension the patient can return to work and everyday activities immediately or in 3-4 days.

When do we see the final result?

The difference is visible in the first days with the gradual reduction of swelling while we see the final result in 3 months approx.

Are there complications in liposuction?

Every operation entails a certain proportion of complications if certain rules are not observed. Complications after liposuction are rare but the patient should be aware of them. Wound infection, blood clots in the vessels of the lower extremities, bruising/hematomas which are absorbed by themselves, temporary hypoaesthesia caused by injury of small sensory nerves, asymmetries or unevenness / wrinkling of skin. We must remember that these complications are reduced significantly when the right patient is selected and the latter complies with the physician’s instructions.

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