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Face Mesotherapy. Smoothing of lines, deep hydration and restoration of the firmness of your face is what the top non-invasive mesotherapy Paccini promises, which provides impressive results, similar with those from famous injectable treatments.

Non-injectable face mesotherapy Paccini is the cutting-edge treatment of cosmetic medicine and provides impressive results in smoothing lines!

How are the lines smoothed?

The treatment which is based on percutaneous transfer of nutritional ingredients with   microneedles which open 60.000 microchannels in the skin through which we achieve deeper penetration of nutritional ingredients in the deeper skin layers.

The microneedles used make the penetration of high concentration hyaluronic possible for filling the fine lines. The result? Skin reconstruction!

The skin is restored in the most pleasant and healthy way, the scars and open pores are reduced, lines and blemishes are reduced and, most importantly, premature photoaging stops.

What it provides

Duration: 100′

Our staff will guide you and assist you in finding the perfect treatment for you. We want you to have the best possible results and we are here to help you! Be sure to check all our available offers!

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